Monthly Motif: April Update

In March, we traveled the world. April’s theme for Monthly Motif was Read Locally. Specifically, this prompt was to “read a book set in your country, state, town, or village (or with a main character from your hometown, home state, etc).” Originally I planned to read The Quantum Labyrinth by Paul Halpern, but another book snuck in unannounced!

Books read:

  • A Higher Loyalty by James Comey (Comey discusses his childhood in New Jersey)
  • The Quantum Labyrinth by Paul Halpern (about Richard Feynman’s years at Princeton University)

Books not read:

  • Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz – I had planned on reading this but then saw that it has generally terrible reviews and decided not to back up my TBR with a book I probably wouldn’t enjoy

May’s Monthly Motif is Book to Screen. I’m not sure yet what I want to read, so please let me know if you can suggest anything!

Did you participate in this month’s prompt? If so, what did you read? If you didn’t, did you read any books this month set close to home?

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