Tag: The Entertainer (Take 2)

I was tagged by Bibi for a second take of The Entertainer Book Tag! You can see the first version here. Thank you for the tag, Bibi! If you’re not already following her, definitely go check out her blog. ❤

Six questions from Bibi:

What’s your favourite trope?
Friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, and friends-to-enemies-to-lovers. 💕

Is there any genre or sub-genre that you don’t want to read?
I haaaate dark romance, but for some reason I keep somehow acquiring more of them? Send help.

What’s your favourite blog posts to write?
I love tags! I also love writing really snarky book reviews. The “# thoughts I had while reading ____” reviews are always fun, but they take so long!

Is there any books you’ve read in 2018, that you wish you hadn’t bothered with?
Um, yes. Distrust. AxlBefore I Knew. Two of the three are dark romances, and that is not a coincidence.

What’s your biggest book pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve? Probably when characters can’t get over themselves and have an actual conversation.

Which 3 words describe you the best?
Crazy cat lady. 🤷

Six questions from me:

  1. Who is one fictional character that you relate to?
  2. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written?
  3. What’s your favorite post that someone else has written?
  4. What was your last five-star book?
  5. What was your last one-star book?
  6. What’s one book that doesn’t get a lot of attention that you really love?

Six nominations:

Jackie • Jamsu • Brianna • Charleigh • Luana • Gerry

As always, no pressure! Let me know if you like tags and also if you hate them. Feel free to tag yourself, too, if this looks like fun to you! And don’t forget to link back to this post so I’ll get a notification to check out your answers. ❤

25 thoughts on “Tag: The Entertainer (Take 2)

  1. Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm says:

    Thank you for the tag, Sara!! 😊

    I totally agree with your biggest book pet peeve. That is SO frustrating. And yesss, any type of friends/enemies to lovers trope is my favorite❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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