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This tag looks like so much fun, and I was so happy when Siobhan tagged me in it! Thank you, Siobhan!

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Secrets and Lies | a book set in a sleepy small town

Not a book, but a whole series! The Raven Cycle is set in Henrietta, Virginia, and I would love to visit.

Salt and Sand | a book with a beachside community

I’m not the biggest fan of actually going to the beach, but I love books with a beachy setting. The first book that came to mind was Seaside Sweets by Melissa Chambers!

Here There Be Dragons | a book with a voyage on the high seas

I can think of a bunch of books that feature an ocean or a sea, but I was drawing a blank on a book that actually included a voyage. Then I remembered that Circe exists!

Tread Lightly | a book set down a murky river or a jungle

I definitely don’t read a ton of books set on murky rivers or in jungles, but one that did come to mind was The Green Unknown.

Frozen Wastes | a book with a frostbitten atmosphere

I was honestly kind of disappointed by What Light, but it does take place during the winter on a Christmas tree farm, which definitely gives off a frostbitten kind of vibe.

The Boonies | a book with rough or isolated terrain

I think a lot of dystopian books could fit this prompt, but the first one that came to mind was Under the Never Sky. I read this book six years ago. How is that even possible?

Hinterlands and Cowboys | a book with a western-esque setting

“What? I don’t read books about cowboys,” I thought to myself. Then I remembered that I read (and absolutely adored) Arrogant Devil.

Look Lively | a book across sweeping desert sands

Volume 8 of Saga is set in some kind of desert.

Wild and Untamed | a book set in the heart of the woods

I had a little trouble coming up with a book set in the woods (which I would think would be one of the easier settings to think of!) but then I remembered reading Land of Strength and Sorrow last year.

Wildest Dreams | a whimsical book shrouded in magic

I still haven’t read Practical Magic (I know, I know!!) but I did love The Rules of Magic.

I’m tagging: Paige ✈️ Jamsu ✈️ Laurel ✈️ Maisy ✈️Laura Beth

Feel free to do this tag even if I didn’t tag you (and please link back to me so that I can see your answers)! And, of course, no pressure if I tagged you and you don’t feel like doing it. 🙂 Have you read any of these books? Are any of them on your TBR? Would you have chosen differently? Let’s talk in the comments!

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Book review: 41 Reasons I’m Staying In by Hallie Heald

41 Reasons I’m Staying In by Hallie Heald
Rating: ★★★★☆
Links: Amazon • TBD • Goodreads
Publication Date: January 29, 2019
Source: Borrowed

In a world of seemingly unending social obligations, we could all use a night off. 

In 41 Reasons I’m Staying In, illustrator and self-proclaimed introvert Hallie Heald imaginatively portrays engaging and sometimes outlandish excuses to avoid leaving home.

With each page comes a new room and character, pursuing their obsessions, hobbies, interests, and sudden whims with gusto: 

plotting world takeover, learning magic, mooning over a crush, evading taxes, and beyond. 

This dark and humorous celebration of introverts offers a unique look into their private worlds and reminds us of the deep fulfillment and joy we can find in spending time alone.

I remember first seeing 41 Reasons I’m Staying In as a spotlight on Clarissa’s blog. I immediately hopped over to my library’s website and put a hold on it, and I was not disappointed at all!

The first thing to know about this book is that it’s really more of a collection of art than anything else. There are very few words, but surprisingly, that didn’t bother me! I absolutely loved the art in this and I think my favorite reason was #1: hiding evidence of my emo phase. Everything about that illustration reminded me of my teenage years. I’m still emo at heart.

I think that 41 Reasons I’m Staying In would make a great gift for an introvert or a great coffee table book. It’s also just fun to flip through and look at the illustrations! I just flipped through again while I was writing this review and noticed new details.

I’d highly recommend this for any introverts.

#mmd19: a book outside your (genre) comfort zone

Have you read 41 Reasons I’m Staying In? Is it on your TBR?
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